Swaddle 65x80 Deer Rosa-bonjourbébé - Official Store
Swaddle 65x80 Deer Rosa-bonjourbébé - Official Store
Swaddle 65x80 Deer Rosa-bonjourbébé - Official Store

Swaddle 65x80 Deer pink

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The swaddling blanket is the ideal complement to wrap your baby in your arms. Thanks to this 100% cotton blanket your baby will feel protected and safe. We are sure that having your little one wrapped up in your arms is one of the most beautiful and special moments, that's why the swaddle blanket will become the perfect complement that you will always need to have by your side.

It stands out for being hypoallergenic and very absorbent. Made with long, fine threads that give it a soft touch, as well as guaranteeing its durability wash after wash. Inside, a short pile towel guarantees absorption and freshness.

What is a cooing blanket?

It is a blanket specially designed to wrap and tuck in your newborn baby when you hold him/her in your arms. They are made of 100% cotton to protect the baby's skin.

Why use a swaddle?

Thanks to the swaddling blanket, baby will feel warm, safe and comfortable, reminiscent of the time when he or she was in the womb. By being tucked inside the cooing blanket, we achieve a comfortable and relaxed posture, with arms and legs tucked in tightly. In this way, they will feel calmer and will help them to fall asleep more easily.

When to use a cooing blanket?

A swaddling blanket is an indispensable accessory during baby's first days. We recommend adding a swaddle to the basics you take to the hospital, to keep your baby warm and comfortable during their first trip home.
Once they grow up, they can continue to be used as a blanket.

Product details


Made of 100% cotton jersey and its interior is made of 80% cotton - 20% polyester.

Measurements: 65x80cm

It is eco-friendly and ethically manufactured with OEKO-TEK® certification, guaranteeing that the textile products have been tested and are free of harmful substances.

Care instructions: machine wash at 40ºC, do not bleach, do not tumble dry and iron gently.

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